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Analyze text and extract insights in seconds using responsible AI

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What we do

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Understand customer feedback better

We help you understand exactly what part of your service customer like and what to improve. No general star ratings, but specific insights.

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Reduce churn or returns

Improve your offering with the generated insights to improve customer satisfaction and reduce churn or returns.



Our custom AI models are focused on high performance

  • Up to 400x faster than GenAI

  • Using <1% of the energy

  • Higher accuracy

Actionable Customer Insights

Asent helps you discover insights from your customer reviews using our research based AI systems. Given a set of reviews, we find what topics they relate to and the opinions that they contain. This gives you on an overview of what customers like and what to improve.

Not just English

Our systems can handle nearly 100 languages, so whether your data is English, French, Swedish, Arabic, Dutch, Finnish, or something else, we can handle it.

Hands-on support

We believe that exceptional customer service is the key to success. That's why we will help you get the most of our services with hands-on support to find the right use-case and support integration.

High accuracy

Our models are able to achieve a higher accuracy than any other tested system that is either publicly available or has published research results for the top benchmark, SemEval 2016 Task 6A.

Easy Access APIs

We make analyzing perspectives effortless with an easy to use API that gives insights in seconds.


Opinion analysis


includes hands-on support and use-case validation

Custom solution

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